Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wardrobe cheating.

I love Wildfox and often feature their advertising campaigns on my blog.
I desperately wanted to invest in a Wildfox top for ages but always talked myself out of it as it is over £70 for just a t-shirt but the other day after deliberating and flicking through Grazia (how boring of me!) and seeing Vanessa Hudgens annoyingly on the arm of Zac Effron sporting a vest version of the one that i wanted no NEEDED with ripped denim shorts i knew i finally had to click 'add to basket'.(The one i ordered has now sold out everywhere it seems as i can't find a photo anywhere, but we can perve on Hudgens)

I think i have an issue with Vanessa Hudgens, I'm not too sure? Does she dress well or is she just too try hard? Will she always just be that girl from High School Musical who's trying to persuade us all shes not cute but sexy by 'accidentally' sending out naked photos of herself? I'm not sure but i am sure i wouldn't mind having her face/hair/body.
However back to Wildfox as my Nana dragged me into New Look yesterday to bulk buy black tights as in her opinion 'only tarts have ladders in their tights' bless her. I spotted this.


Yes there have been many rip off Wildfox tops but this is better than most I've seen and i couldn't say no however slightly feeling like I've cheated on my original who cares for £14? I'm thinking of ripping the shoulders off and wearing tonight for a meal with nude sequined blazer and bodycon black skirt and suede wedges?

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