Saturday, 23 January 2010

Another day

...another wishlist




I love Bunnyhug a favorite of Mary-Kate and just about everyone. They do amazing fit basics and although a little expensive for what literally are just t-shirts (always look when its sale time!) i definitely do think its worth paying a little bit extra for your basics. I'd wear these with a bodycon black skirt, sheer tights, high heels and a oversized embellished clutch bag!


Mulberry Alexa, although my dream has always been to own a Bayswater, i just love how this would be the perfect day bag, actually had a dream i owned this last night,
going mad.



I cant stop thinking about this Bona Drag cobweb braclet £50 for what techniclly is a few links of chain but isnt it stunning and doesnt it just sit amamzingly on the hand. Im also searching for a chain type harness to go over t-shirts, dress etc.
I will keep you updated!
I'm going home for the week, very excited :)
Hope everyone has lovely weekends.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

New things.

Just a few photographs of things I've been spending my student loan on recently..

Vintage engraved earrings, i think they were about £2.50 or something.

Long sleeved black ASOS dress £30. This literally is the easiest thing in my wardrobe at the moment and the shape is perfect and £1 studded belt.

Allsaints tiedye beaded dress, I'm still not sure about this but really like it with a fitted black corselette underneath and opaque tights, the beaded detailing is beautiful so i think its a keeper.

Allsaints draped Alia cardigan in vintage rose, i love the fineness of the knit and the way it drapes i think i may need in black also...

Topshop Snood £25. Very very big my favourite at the moment!

Topshop Floral long top £40. (as I'm quite short it works out as a dress) chiffon, floral and billowing sleeves what more can i say?

I can't stop googling photo's of Mr.Hudson? I have no idea why, dresses so well!

My life in my handbag.

Ive decided to do a 'whats in your handbag' blog. I love reading these on others blogs,i don't know if it will be very interesting as afterall I'm no Megan Fox (i wish) but nevertheless if you like having a nosey like me then hopefully you will enjoy this lazy post.

Its a running joke with my friends and family about how much i actually do keep in my handbag, I'd be lost without it i literally keep my life in it and would say on an average spend at least twenty minutes or more a day rooting in it either on my doorstep for my keys or in lectures for my pen and constantly have missed calls because i can never find my phone quick enough to answer on time, one day i will understand the concept of just taking whats a necessity out with me but this is my contents today..

1. First of all there's my essentials; My purse which is a gorgeous tan leather printed with a vintage like floral print which i got from my housemates as a Christmas presents, i love it. I like having purses without compartments as i can fit all my cards but i always have millions of receipts in there,to do lists and pictures I've ripped from magazines so much easier to just have a zipped purse. Then there is my Oyster card holder from Paperchase, needed always living in London, Topshop have just started doing leaher Oyster card holders too i might invest as I'm getting bored of my purple flowery one.
2. My Lulu Guinness make-up bag, i never have any clue why i have to have this with me as i don't usually wear lots of makeup in the day and rarely top up but tell myself 'in case of an emergency' have no idea what emergency this could ever be?
3. My purple I-pod and crap phone but i have given up on having any sort of expensive phone(although an I-Phone is on top of all my wishlist at the moment)as i currently have to buy a new phone about once a month from either loosing it through being to drunk to function or through my own daftness of just leaving it on restaurant tables or the counter of Superdrug (yes this has all happened numerous times.)
4. My trainers are always in my handbag at the moment as I'm constantly fitting in the gym around my uni lectures.
5. I ALWAYS always have something to read whether a book or magazine (usually both) at the moment I'm reading a book called 'Single Men' by Dave Hill all about emotional attachment to men, i like it so far, very intense.
6.Random bits and bobs, hairgrips (always use them), rose Vaseline, Solphadine plus, i swear by those soluble paracetamol, sore throat sweets, Water i can never leave the house without a bottle, my keys full of jangly things, a thankyou letter i desperately need to send to my Nana, odd pieces of jewellery from brick lane a few weeks ago, a big purple flower that was on the front of my bag but then decided i didn't like it.
Allsaints giftcard i still need to spend from christmas and special notes that i like to just have at the bottom of my bag and a torn photograph of my twin sister and little brother that's always floating around.
A pointless insight into the contents of my handbag :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Forever young.

Things i love at the moment.
I like pairing this long nude vest with huge scarves and big knitwear. I have the black Allsaints draped cardigan in the vintage rose colour (surprise surprise) and starting to wonder if i need it in black also. The Green Parker, i prefer mine a darker green with lots more fur around the hood, the perfect throw on over everything coat. I'm really liking nude blazers over black t-shirt dresses and dark florals. I'd like to also play around with layering it with wispy whites and more nudes. I like silver rings that can also be also used as small pieces of weaponry. My ideal of perfection in a dress, nude, corseted and strapless. Love studded belts with almost everything i own at the moment, underwear as outerwear i still love and definitely need to get my hands on this silk bralet from Topshop and there's no doubt this Topshop studded vest isn't stunning but still can't decide if its worth £70 something and have a funny feeling it will be on every fashionistas wishlist/back soon enough.

Benjamin Alexander Huseby.

His photography is always soft, subtle and often in pastel colours. I don't think Ive ever seen an editorial by Huesby that i haven't instantly liked. He uses shadows and natural light to perfection his work is regularly featured in I.D,Vogue, Another magazine, Crystallized, Arena Homme and Pop. Enjoy...



Friday, 15 January 2010

Thankyou again Allsaints.

This Allsaints Nala Sheepskin Jacket is near perfect, i would never have to complain about being cold, it would get me over the January blues, would never go out of fashion and go with almost everything in my wardrobe. The only thing thats not near perfect about this jacket is the £750 pricetag...the reasons above though surely make it 'investement piece' worthy?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Lovely lovely lim

Seriously i would stop complaining about this awful weather if i could wrap up warm in this breath-taking Philip Lim rabbit coat. I'm in love. Imagine how this would feel against your skin, Kate Hudson is one lucky lady.

Show me your fangs Madonna.

This morning i was in bed reading Hilary Alexander's fashion section in the Telegraph and she made these predictions for the next 10years;

Victoria Beckham to follow the likes of Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld and design a collection for H&M.
Little Suri Cruise to make her catwalk debut.
Lady Gaga to make the cover of American Vogue.
Kate Moss to cut her hair very very short.
Kate Middleton to choose a very mysterious and un-known designer for her wedding gown.
Madonna's daughter Lourdes to become the 'face' of Chanel.
Madonna herself to start a celebrity craze for vampire 'fangs' after wearing a pair that will be custom made by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and studded with diamonds.
Tom Ford to re-enter the women's fashion arena and Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh to be offered major jobs at french luxury houses.

(Could Marc Jacobs make fangs fashionable in the new decade?)
I loved reading this article and started to make me think of my own fashion predictions for 2010, im going to have a think and then dedicate a blog post to them.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Whilst watching the S/S catwalks you couldn't help but notice the amazing body art that was all around from Rodarte to Jean Paul Gualtier all 'tattooing' their runway models. Then Chanel got in on the act and showered skinny limbs with beautiful bead and floral designs.
I love tattoo's and to my delight Chanel have decided to stock there transfers in small boutiques and Selfrige's counter from March the 1st. We no longer have to play with the cheesy rose and love heart type transfers we can now have Chanel tattooed all over us, £49 for 55 transfer tat's and with transfers taking over statement jewellery this season they are definitely SO worth it.

GQ vs Allsaints

I always like to buy GQ magazine just to keep up to date with all things male fashion based and there interviews are always so well written.
Ive just seen that GQ have collaborated with Allsaints.

Arn't the photographs stunning.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Teenie trends.

So due to being snowed in again and being curled up with lempsip watching annoying daytime television i thought i would conclude my last blog with trends I'd love to see follow through to our 'Teenies'.

Underwear as Outerwear.
Yes this can be a complete disaster if not done properly but i just love pretty floral bralets paired with a bodycon skirt for a perfect evening look and chiffon wrap dresses with a vampy lace body hinting through for daytime, this trend really can work and be ever so flattering.

My favourites so far have definitely been from Topshop.
Is it a hood? an endless scarf? I just love snood's.
They look effortlessly chic thrown on with everything from your basic American Apparel white t-shirt and leggings to dresses and trenchcoats. H&M have done super cheap but very lovely versions and French Connection and Allsaints have done more expensive but very worth it versions too. They've been ALL over the catwalks and definitely should be all over you too.
I love chunky knit versions this Banana Republic one £80 is near perfect.

Nude's and Florals.
My daily wardrobe staples. I know i could probably be accused of being in a style rut with my absolute adoration for everything Nude and chiffon but i just cant help it and with a wardrobe that's literally bursting with chiffon florals, nude dresses and wispy fabrics, i don't think this is going to change anytime soon, its just so romantic.

What outfit doesn't a black blazer work with? Instantly slimming and complements just about anything from Harem pants to oversized t-shirts and lends an edge to florals and evening dresses. There's so many different styles to play with, 'boyfriend' fit, 'slim' fit then there's shoulder definition, the buttons, the material so many choices. Then Trophy blazers were thrown to us by Balmain and now replica's all over the highstreet ones covered in thousands of sequins and some too heavy to hang on hangers.

Love blazer dresses at the moment.
Patterned tights.
Makes any plain outfit the height of interesting, gorgeous with huge heels and with so many different patterns to pick from its no longer 'child-like' to embrace patterned tights (however coloured tights is still a huge NO.) instead its oh so very chic and fun.
Such an inexpensive way to make an outfit stand out.

At the moment i still love my Celia Birtwell ones with flowers running along the back seam and Topshop love heart ones, i also have my eye on these for the New Year.

That's my top 5, i want to stay trends, i could go on and on but what are you going to carry on wearing throughout 2010?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hello Teenies.

The Noughties, a decade we will remember for white headphones becoming a permanent fixture to our ears, communication completely changing as we decided to 'Myspace' then 'Facebook' to now using 148 characters to 'Tweet' our very own thoughts and whilst doing this we became the most watched nation on the planet. America selected its first black president to live in the white house, reality TV shows took over our living rooms, it became good to be gay (rightly so) Cheryl Cole became a national treasure, the date September 11th changed the whole world forever, Beyonce made us all want to be 'single ladies', the 'Gherkin' in London was erected, we saw a global recession, Pluto got deemed not good enough to be in the solar system, Britney spears shaved her head, the king of pop died and technology was advancing quicker than you could say the word.

Being completely snowed in and an afternoon to spare (this is very rare so a lovely change!) I thought about dedicating a blog to all trends that i wouldn't mind not seeing in our 'Teens' or is it 'Teenies'? and that could be left in the Noughties like the wonderful memory's above.

Lovely leggings...
I love leggings, they are so practical and when having a miserable day there my instant go to item to wear with anything from oversized chiffon blouses to huge jumpers.
However i really don't love them in all the colours of the rainbow (especially white, are your legs in bandages?)
With segments cut out? 'wet look' i couldn't of detested more, could anyone but Mary-Kate pull them off? Jeggings? yes they look like jeans but wow there really leggings, but why does nearly every pair have to have bright yellow ugly stitching and unflattering 'pockets'?

but my biggest legging phobia is when girls don't let there top half cover there bum, as leggings are super fitted anyway we end up getting an eyeful of parts we really shouldn't.

Posh should know better.

Uggs, Uggs, Uggs...
Ive never owned a pair and Ive just never been able to get my head around the whole 'Ugg' trend for me personally and have been known to wonder if Ugg is short for ugly! However I can see the great practicality behind then and they can look lovely especially the sheepskin ones just look at Sienna Miller in hers. But the reason they have made it on to my list is i hate the fake Uggs you've all seen it when its raining the type that get wet through and the foots twisted inwards and the soles curled up goodness knows where it just looks uncomfortable.

Don't you wish Uggs looked like this on everyone.

Brave Bra..
I just don't think having your bra on show under a bit of see through material is sexy?
This trend just screams cheap, especially when done with white lace, there are so many other gorgeous ways to make revealing your underwear actually work and look pretty and sexy at the same time.

Oh Britters!

Fakey fake...
I know every girl loves a fake tan session especially this time of year, when the weather's rubbish and it feels like were waking up looking paler everyday, not just that but it's magic power of it making us look slimmer and the fact that as much as it would be my dream and I'm sure any girls dream to fly off every month to St,Tropez and top up our natural golden tan it just isn't happening.

But why oh why when there is so many products on the high street and so many brands to suit your skin tone do so many girls get it so wrong and we end up seeing awful fake tan marks on hands, knees, feet and even down necks it ruins even the most perfect outfit. JUST EXFOLIATE and remember to wash hands afterwards.

Pyjama brands...

as i like to call them. 'Hollister','Abercrombie and Fitch' and 'Jack Wills' are the first three to spring to mind. My only problem with these brands are that i feel clothes should make you feel special, every girl should wake up in the morning and want to play dress up not pay extortionate amounts to be a complete clone of someone with a 'i don't care what i wear' appearance but a 'look at the brand name slapped all over me' approach. Maybe its because i am fascinated by all things high fashion which is why i will never understand the appeal of these 'leisure' brands but I'm just tired of seeing girls and boys looking as if they have stepped out in there pyjamas and/or got dressed all together and we don't live in Australia and go for sunset runs so its just never going to look okay.

I could go on more i'm sure but there my top 5!

There are also so many great trends that i love at the moment that will definitely make it to my 'teens'
Underwear as outerwear, snood's, harem pants (new structured ones are amazing for office wear to replace the jersey types) florals, nudes, black as always, ballet pumps, bucket bags, oversized knitwear, trench coats and over the knee boots... (I'm thinking this should be another free afternoon blogging session.)
This is all just my opinion and i am sure somewhere i could find beautiful evidence of all of my 'hated' trends working but i would love to know what trends will make it into your 'Teenies' and what you'd love yo say goodbye too in our new decade :)