Thursday, 21 January 2010

My life in my handbag.

Ive decided to do a 'whats in your handbag' blog. I love reading these on others blogs,i don't know if it will be very interesting as afterall I'm no Megan Fox (i wish) but nevertheless if you like having a nosey like me then hopefully you will enjoy this lazy post.

Its a running joke with my friends and family about how much i actually do keep in my handbag, I'd be lost without it i literally keep my life in it and would say on an average spend at least twenty minutes or more a day rooting in it either on my doorstep for my keys or in lectures for my pen and constantly have missed calls because i can never find my phone quick enough to answer on time, one day i will understand the concept of just taking whats a necessity out with me but this is my contents today..

1. First of all there's my essentials; My purse which is a gorgeous tan leather printed with a vintage like floral print which i got from my housemates as a Christmas presents, i love it. I like having purses without compartments as i can fit all my cards but i always have millions of receipts in there,to do lists and pictures I've ripped from magazines so much easier to just have a zipped purse. Then there is my Oyster card holder from Paperchase, needed always living in London, Topshop have just started doing leaher Oyster card holders too i might invest as I'm getting bored of my purple flowery one.
2. My Lulu Guinness make-up bag, i never have any clue why i have to have this with me as i don't usually wear lots of makeup in the day and rarely top up but tell myself 'in case of an emergency' have no idea what emergency this could ever be?
3. My purple I-pod and crap phone but i have given up on having any sort of expensive phone(although an I-Phone is on top of all my wishlist at the moment)as i currently have to buy a new phone about once a month from either loosing it through being to drunk to function or through my own daftness of just leaving it on restaurant tables or the counter of Superdrug (yes this has all happened numerous times.)
4. My trainers are always in my handbag at the moment as I'm constantly fitting in the gym around my uni lectures.
5. I ALWAYS always have something to read whether a book or magazine (usually both) at the moment I'm reading a book called 'Single Men' by Dave Hill all about emotional attachment to men, i like it so far, very intense.
6.Random bits and bobs, hairgrips (always use them), rose Vaseline, Solphadine plus, i swear by those soluble paracetamol, sore throat sweets, Water i can never leave the house without a bottle, my keys full of jangly things, a thankyou letter i desperately need to send to my Nana, odd pieces of jewellery from brick lane a few weeks ago, a big purple flower that was on the front of my bag but then decided i didn't like it.
Allsaints giftcard i still need to spend from christmas and special notes that i like to just have at the bottom of my bag and a torn photograph of my twin sister and little brother that's always floating around.
A pointless insight into the contents of my handbag :)

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Joanna Alexi said...

Ohh, cute bag :) and I love your ipod, such a pretty colour. xx