Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Will it ever be acceptable that i just downloaded Cheryl Cole's new song?


I love Bucket bags another 1980's throwback and i am on the hunt for the perfect one, it definitely has to be black, covered in studs with some sort of tassels to pull it all together.
I had a small one for Leeds festival that i loved and did the job perfectly but i literally carry my life in my handbag so just isn't practical for everyday use :(
Here's some indulgent pieces, that i could only dream of owning but i think Ive found some affordable look-a-likes on the high street i could have a play with.

(Miu Miu £400)

(Luella at Farfetch £484)
(Reiss £159)
Now ones i can actually afford to sling over my shoulder..

This is from Oasis and i just love it, its definitely those huge tassel's.

I really like the shape of this bag and the Chanel-esque chain would fit perfectly with all my other handbags, but i think this trend is the perfect chance to try something new, its £28 Miss Selfridge.

My friend came into uni with a gorgeous one that was the perfect amount of studs, tassels and size, i was convinced it was the Christopher Kane for Topshop until i asked her and she said it was £8 from Primark, i couldn't believe it, it makes me want to actually elbow past the bargain hunters and nip into the oxford street one tomorrow when I'm there...hmmm,i do hate that place though it makes me sad and have a headache :(

Vogue Contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo with her bucket bag.

Monday, 28 September 2009


I love Lara Stone's Boobs.
How refreshing to see a runway model with actual boobs and her not perfect smile makes her even more perfect.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Marc Jacobs S/S 10
For Spring Marc's given us huge amounts of beautiful chiffon ruffles and if i wasn't a poor student, trying to pay London living costs and still with no job i would definitely be purchasing one of those gorgeous ruffle bra's that apparently should be worn over tops, underwear as outerwear still goes on..

Ive probably, definitely blogged this photo before of Erin Wasson, but i cant help it i just love her!

Friday, 25 September 2009

I wish

I had time to blog everyday :(
With fashion week and university, life has taken over lots.
Preen Spring/Summer 10

Preen's usually known for their tight fitted 'rock chick' dresses, this season saw them throw in some beautifully tailored trousers in light silvers and muted greys paired with light chiffon blouses loose fitting in comparsion that will look amazing against any summer tan and my favourite piece from the collection were the black geometric dresses which all seem to hang beautifully.

My new header is a photo i took at London fashion week on the Tuesday, it was an amazing experience and i literally took over 300 photo's from peoples amazing outfits down to the posters hanging outside (which i stole for my bedroom :)!) and at some point soon i promise i will get round to putting the best ones up.
I am ridiclously poor at the moment, i desperatly need to find a job to feed my awful shopping habits!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Beautiful detailing

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I love Giles and Brother jewellery line especially this wishbone necklace.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Marc Me?

Today i watched 'Marc Jacobs&Louis Vuitton' it's in a documentary style rather than a film that follows Marc Jacobs around, who is arguably the most influential fashion designer in the world. Allowing a very rare insight into his personal design process and the mental state of Marc himself as we see him jetting from designing his own brand in New York to his collaboration with Louis Vuitton In Paris. Following him and his design team working towards every catwalk collection.
I really enjoyed it especially as it completely covered Marc's whole design and thought process of his Spring/summer 2007 collection in collaboration with Louis Vuitton that from the moment i saw it in 07 i completely fell in love with it and is defiantly on my top 5 catwalks of all time and it was just so interesting to see the wide range of things that inspire him from a Chinese artist who covers everything from apples to naked bodies in polka dots to making flowers out of paper from a butchers all things that helped him create this beautiful collection.

It still feels so relevant now, from the amazing flower head wear, layers and layers of beautifully crafted fabric (literally) in a nude and pastel colour pallet, the huge range of handbags that they managed to produce including practical checked shopper totes and not the mention those heel structures!
Defiantly a Must watch, after all...'Its just so Trashion'...:)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Long&Short&Fashion thoughts.

I love the contrast on how short Chloe Sevigney's dress is in comparison to Kate's gorgeous maxi skirt, which i love everything about from the perfect nude colour, the chiffon material the golden satin waistband and the fact shes paired it with a metallic crop top and loose waves that complements everything :)

(Click the pictures to make them bigger :)!)
I'm really liking Charlotte Ronson's Spring 2010 collection at the moment and feel every piece would be so easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, i haven't looked at a collection in a while and thought that i would be able to wear every single piece but Ronson's collection just seems so well thought out and so accessible from the lovely printed high waisted skirts in smudged pastels, studded belts, laid back check shirts and blazers and the perfect sheer and embellished crop tops that are screaming out to be used as layering pieces. I want it all!

I really like big knitwear at the minute from jumpers to cardigans to scarfs, I really like these from Topshop.

I'd pair these cardigans over nude chiffon dress and ditsy florals.
I would layer this jumper over slogan vests and bodycon dresses and gold jewelery, I love this colour too.
I'm defiantly going in to winter dressing mode already, i can never decide which seasons my favourite for dressing as i love layering but also the easiness of just throwing a dress on with bare legs i miss in winter?

Christopher Kane for Topshop is launching this Friday finally at the Oxford street store. How anticipated has this collection been, i have like how the launch date has been kept so top secret. I cant wait to pop down and have a look at the pieces and there is lots of rumours here that he's going to be there throughout the day too, how good would that be! I cant wait to see the Chiffon Key hole dress, i just wish my sister who is just as excited about the launch as i am could come down and see it all :( but i have my new pink camera at the ready!
My First real day at university tomorrow and my freshers MONTH?? starts, I'm Excited :)
Hope everyone's had the best weeks and don't forget to read Post secret today!


(Click the pictures to make them bigger :)!)
Everyone knows my complete love for Erin Wasson and now her collection for RVCA 2010 has come out :) I adore the colour pallet and the easiness she has to every piece just like her own personal wardrobe.
Some favourite pieces are the slogan t-shirts, studded waistcoat and nude loose tank top.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Please can i look like this?

I would wake up every morning happy I promise.
She is perfect!