Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I love Bucket bags another 1980's throwback and i am on the hunt for the perfect one, it definitely has to be black, covered in studs with some sort of tassels to pull it all together.
I had a small one for Leeds festival that i loved and did the job perfectly but i literally carry my life in my handbag so just isn't practical for everyday use :(
Here's some indulgent pieces, that i could only dream of owning but i think Ive found some affordable look-a-likes on the high street i could have a play with.

(Miu Miu £400)

(Luella at Farfetch £484)
(Reiss £159)
Now ones i can actually afford to sling over my shoulder..

This is from Oasis and i just love it, its definitely those huge tassel's.

I really like the shape of this bag and the Chanel-esque chain would fit perfectly with all my other handbags, but i think this trend is the perfect chance to try something new, its £28 Miss Selfridge.

My friend came into uni with a gorgeous one that was the perfect amount of studs, tassels and size, i was convinced it was the Christopher Kane for Topshop until i asked her and she said it was £8 from Primark, i couldn't believe it, it makes me want to actually elbow past the bargain hunters and nip into the oxford street one tomorrow when I'm there...hmmm,i do hate that place though it makes me sad and have a headache :(

Vogue Contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo with her bucket bag.

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