Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Marc Me?

Today i watched 'Marc Jacobs&Louis Vuitton' it's in a documentary style rather than a film that follows Marc Jacobs around, who is arguably the most influential fashion designer in the world. Allowing a very rare insight into his personal design process and the mental state of Marc himself as we see him jetting from designing his own brand in New York to his collaboration with Louis Vuitton In Paris. Following him and his design team working towards every catwalk collection.
I really enjoyed it especially as it completely covered Marc's whole design and thought process of his Spring/summer 2007 collection in collaboration with Louis Vuitton that from the moment i saw it in 07 i completely fell in love with it and is defiantly on my top 5 catwalks of all time and it was just so interesting to see the wide range of things that inspire him from a Chinese artist who covers everything from apples to naked bodies in polka dots to making flowers out of paper from a butchers all things that helped him create this beautiful collection.

It still feels so relevant now, from the amazing flower head wear, layers and layers of beautifully crafted fabric (literally) in a nude and pastel colour pallet, the huge range of handbags that they managed to produce including practical checked shopper totes and not the mention those heel structures!
Defiantly a Must watch, after all...'Its just so Trashion'...:)

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