Monday, 29 June 2009

One wish only..

to please be Erin Wasson?
I just love everything about her.
Her perfect laid back style,being able to wear denim cutoffs nearly everyday and still make them look fresh, to her messy beach bum hair, a jewellery collection much bigger and enviable than mine, the fact she can name her best friend as Alexander Wang, who she also helps style his catwalk shows and how she has just collaborated with surf/skate make RVCA for her first collection which is full of pieces that every wardrobe needs not just mine and she manages to wear chains around her body and call it jewellery.
I really do just LOVE her!

I just made a Strawberry, Raspberry and Banana smoothie, now i'm going to go and drink it in bed and i would also like another tattoo very soon :) ♥!

Kiss with a fist is better than none.

Florence Welch the girl who puts the Florence in Florence and the Machine is playing at Glastonbury this week and has teamed up with Topshop on the brand's first ever music collaboration. The Topshop team have created three show-stopping outfits especially for the inspirational front lady and a towering pair of shoes for the songstress to prance around that stage in and sing the delights of 'My boy build coffins'. Each look is based around a black bodice which will be teamed with floor-length fringing, a tulle cape and an antique lace cape. As for the shoes, they're black python sandals embellished with gold and black roses and are absolutely gorgeous.
The outfits will be revealed for the first time on Friday night when Florence and her band support Blur in Manchester, and will be on show again when they perform at Glastonbury. I can't wait to see and i have my fingers crossed that she pulls them out for Leeds fest this summer. Above is the only sketch that's been released so far, cant wait for the photo's :)

Hmmm i love this weather, i have the weekend off again this week and fancy a trip away somewhere lovely :)!
I'm going to watch Project Catwalk before Leg Bums and Tums tonight, oh its going to be soooo hot :/

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fashion Daydreaming....

At the moment i LOVE clutch bags, over sized, small, studded, even feathers but always lots and lots of embellishments, i even want to use them in the day.....
Four of my favourite designer ones that I've come across recently,

(Click the pictures to make them bigger :)!)
If i had just one of these i think i would be happy all the time, i promise.
Now one's i can actually afford :)

From and Accessorize.
And i really wouldn't mind one of these dresses to go with them...

Sass & Bide-£215
I want to put this Sass and bide t-shirt dress with Huge platforms, bare legs, a Chloe blazer and that Jimmy Choo studded clutch above.

Alice Temperly-Cobra Silk dress-£795
I love the silhouette of this temperly dress and of course the 'nude' colour.

Christopher Kane-Mandrill Jersey dress- £735
I want to wear this little black dress with a twist by Christopher Kane with big Chandelier gold earrings and dance.

The perfect beach maxi and its backless :)!
Ohhhh i wish all of these items were in my wardrobe when i woke up tomorrow morning.

But My French Connection dress has gone into the sale from £85 to £60!!!
I think that i defiantly need it?

My head hurts lots today, drinking Multiple orgasm's, Sex on a Latin beach, Purple Rain cocktails, and £1 vodkas and cokes mixed with an empty tummy not a good idea :(...
I want to go on holiday now, just lie on a beach and be so brown they won't let me back into the country :) ♥

Friday, 19 June 2009

More Mohr?

Cole Mohr, has been everywhere recently, name a fashion house and he will most defiantly have walked for them and has a very long list of edgy editorials he's appeared in....and he's best friends with Alice Dellal :)

Mmmm those tattoo's and cheekbones....need i say more? ♥

P.s. I wish more people used Twitter and that i didn't have to go to work this morning. :(

Nude Rude

I love Nudes at the moment so much, i want more Nude chiffon's in my wardrobe please.

I am particularly lusting after Stella McCartney's Summer 09 collection, I love the simpleness and i think that's what I seem to craving in outfits at the moment, but i don't think I'd be able to stop myself adding some statement jewellery...

This is one of my favourite Editorials from my French Vogue, Love the use of Nudes and of course the gorgeous model Frankie Ryder, So my hunt begins for more nude chiffon's!

P.s I want to experiment with plaits more in my hair-Serious hair envy...♥

Picture Perfect

Today i fell upon the blog of Illustrator Killa Carr-Ince, I love her work it truly is amazing and her sketchbook work is fascinating after being introduced to him by 'Disappear Here' magazine i was so happy to see he has her own blog and if i was producing my own magazine i would defiantly want his illustrations to feature....Mmmm one day maybe :)
Some favourites ♥

P.S I want to go and see Transformers 2, i want to look like Megan Fox more though!!

Making patterns on your legs.

Having Patterned Legs has been seen everywhere recently, from cut out seams, lace completely inspired by Emma Cook one of my favourite designers, florals, sequins and lots more, I thought I'd give florals a try so purchased these two from Topshop yesterday and thought they would make a nice change from my normal floral dresses...

I'm thinking a simple black vest dress and my oversize nude cardigan or maybe blazer and black flats?

Also my twin Sister did lace tights the other day :)


Leopard's never change their spots...

Today My new dress came.

I'd been spying on this dress for ages but due to the original £95 price tag i could just not justify while saving for a holiday but last week while in Selfriges i saw that it was now £50, then came home to Internet order and it had gone to £35 so just could not resist...
I love the Fabric is so light and delicate and the print is a lot more fainter than it looks in the photograph which i think i prefer.

Will leopard print ever go out of fashion? I cant wait to sling on with it my vintage boyfriend blazer a big jewelled ethnic necklace and let it dance its way through Saturday night with me and then in the summer days wear with gladiators, beads and tanned legs :)

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince ♥

''Just enjoy the show''

I can't stop listening to the Australian singer Lenka :)
My Best Friend introduced me too her and i am addicted to her delicate voice and quirky lyrics...

She's been played on lots of adverts and television's programmes like Ugly Betty and the new 90210 and she used to play Angel's sister in Home and Away and had bright purple hair so you might recognise her :)

Her Live Lounge she did on Radio 1 this week is still up on their web page, she does a cover of Friendly Fires 'jump in the pool' and dare i say i prefer her version :O

Go listen...she's dreeaaamy ♥
P.s. She is also the inspiration behind my blog name too :)

From the inspiration folder

These lovely ladies make me want to go and plan summer outfits, dig out my 2007 Kate moss dress and jump on a plane and fly somewhere very hot or maybe just Robb a bank so i can afford that Roberto Cavalli dress, that ive been dreaming about for so long, that Lauren Conrad looks goregous in above, is she not lucky enough? Mmmm...I love Florals, like always and Erin Wasson for RVCA definatly my favourite collabration this year...

Smoothie & Hungover mornings.

The sun is finally trying to put his hat on, but as i am horribly hungover today after celebrating the end of Exams last night i cant quite bare to open the curtains just yet, so instead have made myself a very yummmy smoothie (so my body doesn't hate me too much :)!) and i am going to start my blog properly which i have started and stopped for over two years now, but summers my favourite time of the year so a perfect time to start i think and too keep to it :)

This hint of sunshine makes me want to pull on a maxi and some embellished gladiators and go and do sunny things with my best friends...

Preferably wearing this gorgeous Gerard Darel maxi and these Musa jeweled sandals please.

Hmmmm...I wish :(