Friday, 19 June 2009

Smoothie & Hungover mornings.

The sun is finally trying to put his hat on, but as i am horribly hungover today after celebrating the end of Exams last night i cant quite bare to open the curtains just yet, so instead have made myself a very yummmy smoothie (so my body doesn't hate me too much :)!) and i am going to start my blog properly which i have started and stopped for over two years now, but summers my favourite time of the year so a perfect time to start i think and too keep to it :)

This hint of sunshine makes me want to pull on a maxi and some embellished gladiators and go and do sunny things with my best friends...

Preferably wearing this gorgeous Gerard Darel maxi and these Musa jeweled sandals please.

Hmmmm...I wish :(

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