Monday, 29 June 2009

Kiss with a fist is better than none.

Florence Welch the girl who puts the Florence in Florence and the Machine is playing at Glastonbury this week and has teamed up with Topshop on the brand's first ever music collaboration. The Topshop team have created three show-stopping outfits especially for the inspirational front lady and a towering pair of shoes for the songstress to prance around that stage in and sing the delights of 'My boy build coffins'. Each look is based around a black bodice which will be teamed with floor-length fringing, a tulle cape and an antique lace cape. As for the shoes, they're black python sandals embellished with gold and black roses and are absolutely gorgeous.
The outfits will be revealed for the first time on Friday night when Florence and her band support Blur in Manchester, and will be on show again when they perform at Glastonbury. I can't wait to see and i have my fingers crossed that she pulls them out for Leeds fest this summer. Above is the only sketch that's been released so far, cant wait for the photo's :)

Hmmm i love this weather, i have the weekend off again this week and fancy a trip away somewhere lovely :)!
I'm going to watch Project Catwalk before Leg Bums and Tums tonight, oh its going to be soooo hot :/


Jade said...

I saw her set at Glasto and she looked amzing. Managed to catch her on Jonathon Ross, Oh how i would kill for her wardrobe.
Hope you're enjoying our heatwave :)

Life is a Maze. said...

aww wow i am SO jealous, definatly fingers crossed that she pulls them out for leeds fest :)!
I Love this heatwave! Hope you are too sweet!! xxx