Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm going to Leeds festival tomorrow, I am SO excited, cant wait to see Florence and the machine, Brand New, Bloc party and so many more, eeeeeeee its going to be good :)
My bag weighs 4st that's like half off me and made me topple over, i hope this doesn't happen when I'm trying to get there :/
Hope everyone that's going has the best time!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Sometimes i think i could be happy with a wardrobe full of black, white and nudes.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Marianne Faithfull

Topshop have dedicated a whole Autumn/Winter Lookbook collection on this 60's Singer, songwriter, actress and fashion icon, she was amazing and so is the collection...

:) ♥

Marc,Kloss and Good news.

The ideal woman for the new, Lola Marc Jacobs, scent is described like this: “She’s sexy with a fun, flirtatious wink Coquettish and a bit provocative Relaxed, cool and confident Playful alluring and irresistibly tempting.”
And the girl that caught Jacobs eye to full fill these traits perfectly is 16year old Karlie Kloss, after already walking for Dolce & Gabbana this season and appearing in Chloe's ad campaigns it looks like we will be seeing lots more of this young girl.
How gorgeous is that Bottle.

It was our results night on Thursday and i got my first choice at the University of Creative arts in London to study Fashion Journalism, I am SO excited but only two weeks till i move and there is so much still left to do.
Hope everyone else who were collecting results got what they wanted and had an amazing night celebrating :)

(Me, One of my best friends Sophora and my twin sister Kate.)

Some of My favourite people.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Alexander Wang + Oaks = Perfection.

Monday, 17 August 2009


I love Gossip Girl and it has definitely done the hard job of filling the hole that loosing The O.C caused and has done so, wonderfully. The obvious thing that draws me to follow these upper east side teens is of course the fashion and each character each owns a very personal and different style that run along side each other to create a huge fashionable mixing bowl.

First there is Blair Warldorf played by Leighton Meester who is extremely beautiful with very doll like features, absolutely skinny skinny and immaculately dressed. With the perfect 'preppy' very put together look including pleated skirts, buttoned blouses and lace gloves that are all held together with a string of pearls round her neck and a dose of quirkiness with her accessorising.

Then there is Serena Vanderwoodson played by Blake lively, My personal favorite dresser of the show and from the set go i have been fascinated by her bohemian, thrown together outfits that are always effortless with regular items including head scarves, fringed bags, heavy embellishments with loose long care-free hair.

Then there is of course Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen, (who's off-screen style has been gaining lots of attention recently) In season one her style slightly faded into the background with a very simple wardrobe and fresh face but with season 2 and her passion to be the next top fashion designer being her main storyline her individual style is shining and its leather jacket a-plenty all topped of with an edgy new haircut and lashings of Kohl eyeliner.

Then there is Vanessa played by Jessica Szhor the person who has caught my eye more off screen rather than on screen with her personal style worthy of any upper east sider. Ed Chestwick is very lucky indeed.

And the boys style on the show is also impeccable..

All it all this show provides a perfect fashion feast for the eyes.

I want THAT body!

Bebaroque are famously know for their gorgeous unique tights each pair lovingly handmade by the young Scottish duo which have managed to catch the eye of about everyone and now they are no longer wanting to just decorate our legs they want our body's to be adorned in their fantasy patterns and embellishments with some cheeky sheer numbers thrown in.

I want to say which one i would pick if i had a spare £160-£200 but I'm finding it too much of a struggle, its like when someone asks you who your favourite Friends Character is. :(
The embellished body would add texture and excitement to a simple body con skirt, The sheer one would be the perfect experimental piece and the third i think i would pair with a nude chiffon dress hung loosely over it so the patterns poke through.
Can i say all three please?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Flu infected Fashion thoughts.

I think as i am stuck in bed with Swine Flu that someone lovely should treat me to this gorgeous BE&D bag...

Ohhh that stud detailing not the mention the perfect size, (everyone knows i carry my actual life in my handbag) That colour, the perfect colour that will go with everything and I would use it ALL the time i promise, Thank you :)

I'm also still on the hunt for the perfect pair of Harem pants, I must of tried on over 50 pairs, even though i know its been one of the most loved and hated trends because of its difficulty to wear but I'm just drawn to how easy and comfy they look and so i am adamant on finding the right pair i just need to lay my hands on them and once i do i would like to wear them with this AllSaints vest..

Rachael Bison's outfit at the Express Launch party for their new denim range caught my eye. The Jean Paul Gaultier paired with the Express blazer and Vintage handbag seem like the perfect recipe together with her care-free hair and it is definitely still a look i love, ditsy florals given an edge with a fitted blazer, it never seems to get boring as its so so easy.

This autumn I think i want my floral dresses to be covered with blazers with hard shoulders and lots of embellishment and sequins just to be a little fresher :)

(Some nice 'blazer' looks Ive found)
Results day this Thursday, I have everything in the world crossed but Ive decided either way its a 'I need a new dress' opportunity to either drown my sorrows in or dance the night away with happiness. I was going to wear my new ASOS sheer dress i blogged about a few posts ago as its arrived and i love it but I'm thinking I'd like to have a look for a more dressy dress , chiffon maybe, a light nude colour with some kind of embellishment, I'm thinking?
Anyway there all my Fluey fashion thoughts this Sunday :)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Little pink dress.

This A/W collections have definitely come down with an almighty crash landing of colours. With emeralds, deep purples, burnt oranges, canary yellows and bright reds all making regular appearance on the stages and front rows from the fashion packs. But it looks like every girls 'favourite colour' has taken center stage and seems like all you need this season is a 'little pink dress' or LPD should we say to effortlessly walk our way into the cold weather.
I wasn't convinced at first as i have never been a 'pink' girl but i have shocked myself by how much i actually like this trend and even though bright colours never seem durable in a wardrobe long term unlike a classic black dress say and at some point will always make us ask 'how many times can i actually wear it'? or 'how many items in my wardrobe will it go with'?.
The LPD trend doesn't seem to shout this. To me it seems to be the perfect backdrop for A 'girly' girl to embrace her femininity with maybe a classic chiffon dress in hot pink and a flower behind her ear. The edgier dresses out there could perhaps choose a LPD that shows a hint of black lace bra then a thrown on blazer, clashing red lips and lots of attitude like Taylor Momsen or The strong sophisticated women in the city choosing a classic shift silhouette that still oozes 'I'm in control' but adds that element of fun to keep her entertained throughout her hectic schedule.

So It seems like it could be renamed 'Perfect Pink' but there is defiantly no room for baby pinks or subtle shades, its bold statements all the way down the fuchsia clad road...

It looks like Miss Momsen already knows the benefits of being pretty in Pink.

I think we should all definitely start thinking Pink :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Water,boats and fairylights.

I have no idea why but i am so drawn to this American Apparel spandex Mini dress.
Is it just me or can you not see the so many different ways that this could be worn..
I think i would want to put it over and under everything.

I think I'm in Love...the heart wants what it wants :)

I spent my night here tonight, it was Gorgeous.
Hope everyone has had lovely Wednesday's.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

First time for everything

I can never just sit and watch television,It just bores me,i get too fidgety and I just much prefer reading magazines and then catching up on programmes on the Internet and using it for all my fashion things but recently (since visiting my dad and having sky at my fingertips :)!) I cant stop watching World Fashion channel, back to back runway shows being played all day, it truly is amazing, makes me maybe wish i had taken more note of the television channels at home.
Ive just watched 'Sass and Bide' A/W 08 Collection from last year and reminded me of my love for the Australian duo, I cant wait to see their next collection.

♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, 3 August 2009

Girl Crush

I first saw Rosie Huntigton-Whitley on a 2008 cover of Vogue alongside models Edan Clark and Jordan Dunne and even though the also gorgeous Jordan Dunne was the center point of the cover i was instantly attracted to that full pout and helplessly naturally pretty face owned by Rosie...

If i cant wake up and look like this, i would happily settle for her Topshop Jacket :)

I love her dress Collection.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sheer Satisfaction.

McQueen,Rodarte,Chanel, Cavalli and Alexander Wang all sent their models down the runway showcasing panels of sheerness. Backs, midriffs, shoulders, hems and arms were all being cut away and being replaced by a softened layer of sheer fabric, creating a statement racy look. I think its going to be huge and become a winter wardrobe must and will take me easily through all our Christmas things, so Ive been searching for a way that i can buy into this look, here's some of the best (affordable) sheer wonders i have come across because in all 'sheerness' i love it :)

My Favourite and think most versatile, cant wait for it to arrive on my doorstep :)
(By 'Quontum' £55 and available now at
(Another 'Quontum' dress £50)

I think this would be such a good layering piece.
(Topshop Boutique 'Gapside mesh dress' £45)

(Topshop 'Mess prom dress' £48)

(Topshop 'Mesh bodycon highneck dress' £35)
All these dresses need are a pair of Sky high heels and deep red lips..

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Current outfit craving.

I am completely in lust with this studded Topshop skirt and cant wait to tuck it loosely into my white American Apparel 'Unisex big tank'.

('Triangle gem pelmet skirt' £80 Topshop)

(American Apparel 'Unisex Big tank' £17, 10 colours available)
This is honestly one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe at the moment and i must get more colours, it can be thrown on, on those lazy days with leggings, make a great backdrop for statement jewellery and ive been trying it as a new layering piece over floral bodysuits, tucked into tube skirts and at the moment i am on a huge hunt to find a lace 'boob tube' panel to wear underneath it, i recommend it to anyone.
...Perfect :)
Right I'm going to the beach to finish, 'He's just not that into you'...i love being this close to the beach.