Monday, 17 August 2009


I love Gossip Girl and it has definitely done the hard job of filling the hole that loosing The O.C caused and has done so, wonderfully. The obvious thing that draws me to follow these upper east side teens is of course the fashion and each character each owns a very personal and different style that run along side each other to create a huge fashionable mixing bowl.

First there is Blair Warldorf played by Leighton Meester who is extremely beautiful with very doll like features, absolutely skinny skinny and immaculately dressed. With the perfect 'preppy' very put together look including pleated skirts, buttoned blouses and lace gloves that are all held together with a string of pearls round her neck and a dose of quirkiness with her accessorising.

Then there is Serena Vanderwoodson played by Blake lively, My personal favorite dresser of the show and from the set go i have been fascinated by her bohemian, thrown together outfits that are always effortless with regular items including head scarves, fringed bags, heavy embellishments with loose long care-free hair.

Then there is of course Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen, (who's off-screen style has been gaining lots of attention recently) In season one her style slightly faded into the background with a very simple wardrobe and fresh face but with season 2 and her passion to be the next top fashion designer being her main storyline her individual style is shining and its leather jacket a-plenty all topped of with an edgy new haircut and lashings of Kohl eyeliner.

Then there is Vanessa played by Jessica Szhor the person who has caught my eye more off screen rather than on screen with her personal style worthy of any upper east sider. Ed Chestwick is very lucky indeed.

And the boys style on the show is also impeccable..

All it all this show provides a perfect fashion feast for the eyes.


StaceySparkle said...

I love GG too. Especially the fashion, 100% agree with everything you've written and i am soooo craving a Be & D studded bag too! Girl after my own heart lol!

Life is a Maze. said...

Omgoodness i Know wouldnt that bag go with everythinnng ever :)