Sunday, 16 August 2009

Flu infected Fashion thoughts.

I think as i am stuck in bed with Swine Flu that someone lovely should treat me to this gorgeous BE&D bag...

Ohhh that stud detailing not the mention the perfect size, (everyone knows i carry my actual life in my handbag) That colour, the perfect colour that will go with everything and I would use it ALL the time i promise, Thank you :)

I'm also still on the hunt for the perfect pair of Harem pants, I must of tried on over 50 pairs, even though i know its been one of the most loved and hated trends because of its difficulty to wear but I'm just drawn to how easy and comfy they look and so i am adamant on finding the right pair i just need to lay my hands on them and once i do i would like to wear them with this AllSaints vest..

Rachael Bison's outfit at the Express Launch party for their new denim range caught my eye. The Jean Paul Gaultier paired with the Express blazer and Vintage handbag seem like the perfect recipe together with her care-free hair and it is definitely still a look i love, ditsy florals given an edge with a fitted blazer, it never seems to get boring as its so so easy.

This autumn I think i want my floral dresses to be covered with blazers with hard shoulders and lots of embellishment and sequins just to be a little fresher :)

(Some nice 'blazer' looks Ive found)
Results day this Thursday, I have everything in the world crossed but Ive decided either way its a 'I need a new dress' opportunity to either drown my sorrows in or dance the night away with happiness. I was going to wear my new ASOS sheer dress i blogged about a few posts ago as its arrived and i love it but I'm thinking I'd like to have a look for a more dressy dress , chiffon maybe, a light nude colour with some kind of embellishment, I'm thinking?
Anyway there all my Fluey fashion thoughts this Sunday :)

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