Monday, 17 August 2009

I want THAT body!

Bebaroque are famously know for their gorgeous unique tights each pair lovingly handmade by the young Scottish duo which have managed to catch the eye of about everyone and now they are no longer wanting to just decorate our legs they want our body's to be adorned in their fantasy patterns and embellishments with some cheeky sheer numbers thrown in.

I want to say which one i would pick if i had a spare £160-£200 but I'm finding it too much of a struggle, its like when someone asks you who your favourite Friends Character is. :(
The embellished body would add texture and excitement to a simple body con skirt, The sheer one would be the perfect experimental piece and the third i think i would pair with a nude chiffon dress hung loosely over it so the patterns poke through.
Can i say all three please?

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