Saturday, 15 August 2009

Little pink dress.

This A/W collections have definitely come down with an almighty crash landing of colours. With emeralds, deep purples, burnt oranges, canary yellows and bright reds all making regular appearance on the stages and front rows from the fashion packs. But it looks like every girls 'favourite colour' has taken center stage and seems like all you need this season is a 'little pink dress' or LPD should we say to effortlessly walk our way into the cold weather.
I wasn't convinced at first as i have never been a 'pink' girl but i have shocked myself by how much i actually like this trend and even though bright colours never seem durable in a wardrobe long term unlike a classic black dress say and at some point will always make us ask 'how many times can i actually wear it'? or 'how many items in my wardrobe will it go with'?.
The LPD trend doesn't seem to shout this. To me it seems to be the perfect backdrop for A 'girly' girl to embrace her femininity with maybe a classic chiffon dress in hot pink and a flower behind her ear. The edgier dresses out there could perhaps choose a LPD that shows a hint of black lace bra then a thrown on blazer, clashing red lips and lots of attitude like Taylor Momsen or The strong sophisticated women in the city choosing a classic shift silhouette that still oozes 'I'm in control' but adds that element of fun to keep her entertained throughout her hectic schedule.

So It seems like it could be renamed 'Perfect Pink' but there is defiantly no room for baby pinks or subtle shades, its bold statements all the way down the fuchsia clad road...

It looks like Miss Momsen already knows the benefits of being pretty in Pink.

I think we should all definitely start thinking Pink :)


KAELA said...

I wouldn't mind more PINK in my wardrobe!! x


Tweety Sweet Pea said...

Pink is the absolute best! I saw Kate Bosworth in person last year. She is teeny tiny! Like a little fairy.