Friday, 19 June 2009

Picture Perfect

Today i fell upon the blog of Illustrator Killa Carr-Ince, I love her work it truly is amazing and her sketchbook work is fascinating after being introduced to him by 'Disappear Here' magazine i was so happy to see he has her own blog and if i was producing my own magazine i would defiantly want his illustrations to feature....Mmmm one day maybe :)
Some favourites ♥

P.S I want to go and see Transformers 2, i want to look like Megan Fox more though!!


daisy kate said...

I went to see transformers and it has made me both suicidal and craving the will power of anorexics along with a bottomless pit of money to pay for that nose, those lips and well, those boobs.
Love you pose, I'm enjoying your blog very much :) xxxxx

Kila said...
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Kila said...

Hey Rosie!
Thank you so much for your kind words about my work and featuring me on your blog. Although there seems to be a bit of a gender mix up - I'm a girl - my name is Kila pronounced Keela! Ha ha ha - I get it quite a lot!!

I work for the fashion company RUBBISH which publish London Fashion Week's newspaper. we go to all the press days to see up and coming trends etc and take fashion a little less seriously than most!

You should definitely check it out if you haven't heard of it already - lots of fashion and funny findings on the blog - there is a link to their website on my blog - click on 'daily rubbish' to get to their blog! And you can see more of my work on there...Goodness this is a long comment so I am going to stop now! Thank you again!