Monday, 29 June 2009

One wish only..

to please be Erin Wasson?
I just love everything about her.
Her perfect laid back style,being able to wear denim cutoffs nearly everyday and still make them look fresh, to her messy beach bum hair, a jewellery collection much bigger and enviable than mine, the fact she can name her best friend as Alexander Wang, who she also helps style his catwalk shows and how she has just collaborated with surf/skate make RVCA for her first collection which is full of pieces that every wardrobe needs not just mine and she manages to wear chains around her body and call it jewellery.
I really do just LOVE her!

I just made a Strawberry, Raspberry and Banana smoothie, now i'm going to go and drink it in bed and i would also like another tattoo very soon :) ♥!

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Oriane said...

Love Erin too :)