Friday, 3 July 2009

Sienna is glowing orange

This is the Fourth fragrance for women by Hugo Boss named 'Boss Orange'
I love Sienna Miller in it as she flashes her star tattoo on her shoulder and the swallow on her wrist, I like her natural 'make-up free', care-free attitude she has.
The New summer fragrance?

I wish i could wear Harem pants and look that good.... ♥


daisy kate said...

ME TOO! :(
Keep posting posey :)
Kate ♥

StaceySparkle said...

I just came across your sister's blog and decided to look on yours too! I love Sienna's wrist tattoo and i agree Harem pants are a no go for me! Fab blog :)
Stacey xx

Life is a Maze. said...

Aww thankyou!!
I know i think i must have tried on 848348 different pairs of Harem pants but i just cant seem to get them right :(
Just looked on your blog and I love it :)
Rosie xx