Friday, 10 July 2009

On the street...

I love these two photographs from The Sartorialist recently, both found in two of my favourite places in the world Paris and Florence...Ohhh i want to be there again soon!!

I think this one appeals to me so much because of my on going love for nude chiffon's and just the easy-ness and laid back-ness that she has with her outfit and i love gold highlights with nudes and her sandals work perfectly with the dress just cut above her ankles makes a change from the usual maxi summer dress or a short flirty dress but i think it works just as well and with that drop waist becomes very flattering and gives us a peak of her golden footwear :)
How happy does he look :) The tiny scarf detail, the striking black belt and the way his trousers are just that bit too short showing off the orange trim on his shoes i just love it all and with that tan against the white and navy and the bracelets he is one cool gentlemen :)
I definatly think that i have become a little bit addicted to Ebay this summer, I decided that i didn't want to waste my summer working full time but was in desperate need of more money then my other job provides and then also decided that i have far far too many clothes (three wardrobes full in fact :/) to move down to London so thought of the perfect plan to start selling but the rate that i am bidding and winning (i always win :)!) definatly seems to be cancelling out the money im making on selling my dresses :/ hmmm....
Also where has our sun escaped too he needs to put his hat back on for us :(

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