Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gliadiator Glory

I must of been to the Trafford center about 6 times in the last fortnight and every time i stand and lust over these Aldo gladiator sandals, i want every pair every colour but every time i wonder if i can justify over £50 for a pair of sandals, that in this country will be a hit or miss when i can wear them and i literally would want to Live in them all day, everyday of the year...

I love Beaded embellishment on sandals this summer, the first pair are my favourite :)

I defiantly decided that i NEED a pair but now the decision is which pair?
Look at Beyonce looking gorgeous as ever in her Aldo sandals

Fingers Crossed for me that we get another lovely heatwave so they can stay on my feet all summer :)

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