Friday, 17 July 2009

Boys Rule?!

Today in Stoke i walked past the Boys sport shop 'Footasylum' off all places and these tops caught my eye straight away and i instantly started trying to think off a way that i could DIY them to work for a girls body but because of the high necks (SO unflattering for my boobs :(!) i just couldn't think of any other way than cutting a big V neck that could make them work and then i would still have the issue of the 'boxyness' silhouette that they would give me, but how desperately are these calling out to be designed in a body con vest dress, worn with leggings and a blazer :(
I never thought i would say this sentence but i wish SO much that Footasylum did a Female section!

The 'Kate Moss for Calvin Klein' editorial, i Love this one!!

This one is from Topman and my Sisters boyfriend has it and every time i see him in it i just wish that Philip Green would decide to make a bodycon vest dress version for Topshop Please Please Please its defiantly one of my favourite floral prints Ive seen in a long time and its has my name on...meant to be :)
Arrrgh Boys have all the luck sometimes don't they!!
Oooh talking about Kate Moss and Phillip green reminds me to make sure i don't miss the opening of Topshop in New York documentary on MTV this weekend!!
I Hope everyone's having lovely Fridays and planning a fun weekend, I'm making Champagne cocktails and Vodka smoothies again!
P.s I cant get the new Black eyes Peas song 'I gotta feeling' out of my head, every time i hear it it makes me want to go drink and dance, Perfect lets get ready for the weekend song, enjoyyyy :)

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Thanks for the love. Yours is awesome too.