Friday, 17 July 2009

Dazed in 3D

This month's months Dazed & Confused is adding another fashion first to its credentials and offering us a copy in a whole other dimension by leaping out of our hands and taking fashion steps into the third dimension with a special shoot of Marios Schwab’s 3D-inspired collection inside. Featuring 3D photography by Terry Tsiolis and styling by Nicola Formichetti, plus a specially inserted pair of 3D glasses (Wowww!! I still have mine from that cheesy horror film 'My bloody Valentine') and a exclusive interview with the innovative designer.

I also love Nicola Formichetti's styling projects and i follow her blog religiously so i am excited to see another Dazed collaboration with her!
This is one of my favourite editorials by her from the March 2009 issue of Dazed and Confused

Featuring; Alice,Pixie,Daisy,Cole,Luke and Josh....To be a fly on the wall at that shoot :) ♥ ♥

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