Friday, 10 July 2009

Oh Mischa Mischa Mischa

I simply can't imagine my early teenage years without The O.C and yes Adam Brody one day will find me and realise we are meant to be :) and yes i still cry every time i watch Ryan hold Marissa as she dies in his arm, Hallelujah playing in the background with fingers crossed she will say those three words to him we all know she means before it really is too late but recently what on earth has happened to Mischa Barton??
Even though i always much preferred Rachael Bilson, there was still something amazing about Mischa's tall waif body type, those cheekbones and that hopelessly pretty face and i would end up thinking every episode why wasn't i born like that? Its not fair :( but then she suddenly decided not to sign her contract for season 4 as she wanted 'bigger things' and then here i am four years on waiting for her 'next big thing' and so far well nothings really happened..
Apart from the regular updates on the gossip pages about the new scruffy boy she was dating and another hideous outfit where she seems to grab everything she owns and piles it on over a pair of leggings and adds a bowler hat... quirky apparently??

I completely understand that a young women's figure is constantly changing that you gain weight and loose weight at different times of the month and she is 5ft 9 and a size 12 which is perfectly healthy and normal and i do fully congratulate Mischa on the fact she doesn't feel the need to wear make-up every time she leaves the house and that she was one of the first young teen stars to hold her hands up and say 'yes i have cellulite, it's normal and I'm OK with it'. But honestly those outfits and the UN-washed hair i just will not understand, is it really bad off me to miss the Mischa below, the one i loved and grew greener and greener with each new episode i watched?

Just look at her, is this too much to ask for these days :(
Hmmm she has a new film out soon so maybe that will bring back the Mischa Barton we all know and love...♥


Jade said...

she's pretty hit and miss with her outfit choices but i'l loving the grungey looking mischa, but she should probably wash her hair every now and then.


p.s I've given your lovely blog an award

StaceySparkle said...

I was thinking about her the other day...i think she's a bit hit and miss too like Jade said. Sometimes she looks amazing, other times it's like she got dressed in the dark. But, i don't think she cares which i admire a lot!
Stacey xx

Life is a Maze. said...

I know she can get it so right sometimes and she is still incredibly beautiful and i admire her dont care attitude :)
Aww wow thankyou Jade Your the best ♥