Thursday, 10 September 2009


Today i got the amazing opportunity to go to a Vogue party hosted by Topshop where i met the Fashion Editor for Vogue who is ridiculously gorgeous and had an equally gorgeous french model on her arm, best looking couple i have ever seen :)
They went through the whole Topshop Collection with us, including how to accessorize and even down to hair and then showed us all the Vogue Edits that will be appearing in the magazine for Autumn/Winter.
Jorduan Dunn was there and we were so shocked to see that she was pregnant (has this even been publishised??!) at only 19 but she is so so beautiful and her legs were endless, My lovely friend Lauren managed to quickly take a photo of her on her I-Phone before we got told off!!
Earlier on i also bumped into Joan Rivers whos face just screams Botox Botox Botox!!
We were given lots of free champagne in mini union Jack bottles, chocolates and that new vitamin water which is everywhere at the minute :)
(Jourdan Dunn and the Fashion Editor)
We then walked further down Oxford Street and saw 'Little Boots; doing a D.J set she played lots of classic old pop songs to dance too even though she did look SO bored. The whole of Oxford Street was buzzing with pre fashion week partys and we saw some amazing window displays with real-life models especially in Zara, Selfridges and La Senza.
Earlier on in the day i managed to get a really versatile jersey highwaist skirt from Uniqlo for just £10 and fell in love with a new nude lace dress from Topshop, one of the Vogue Edits i might have to go back back for it tommrow now ive been able to extend my overdraft :)

I love living here, definatly one of my favourites days here so far and hope lots more like it, i cant wait to try and get in to fashion week next week :) Hope everyone is enjoying the last little bits we have left of summer!

Some of the Key pieces Vogue showed and spoke about to be in their editorials this Autumn/Winter

There were so many gorgeous pieces but they werent all on the site for me to show you :( But just think lots of studs,sequins,suede,heavy embellishments with a thrown in mix of checked shirts (with tails :O amazing.) and oversized knitwear.

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StaceySparkle said...

OMG i'm uber jealous! I'm not going to actual Fashion week =( but i'm going to the Fashion weekEND on the Friday, i smell bargins...x