Monday, 7 September 2009

Trophy me?

My wardrobe NEEDS all four but my bank account is only letting me have one, which one?
They transform any outfit, I want to pair them with Black t-shirt dresses, chiffon's, bare legs, huge heels, ballet pumps and just about everything, id even wear it just to go to lectures :)!
Rosie Huntingly whitley is providing my inspiration for this trend still my number one girl crush :)


daisy kate said...

I love these pose, but come to manchester and we'll get us some vintageee :) Oh yeh I know how pathetic of her? She needs to get over her self and gushing over me to you just makes her look all the more of a massive bitch - int it dead clear she's SO in love too, even though any time I've seen him he's with someone else...and anytime we've seen them together they're having an argument in the middle of town? Something makes me think they're together for only one reason, and you know what I'm on. Ha, and she's lost a stone and a half due to a spiteful comment? She's obsessed, wierdo. And she'll see this and that just shows all the more how much she stalks us.
Love you rosie, missing you and can't wait for you to get back from london. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

daisy kate said...

Oh she just has to confirm she's lost weight, I can't even tell, and she'll always be "the fat one". Oooops.xxxxxxxxxxx