Sunday, 6 September 2009

Jenny Wren

I have been the worst blogger for the past two weeks suddenly life's taken over it's been hectic especially with moving to London, Its my first morning in my new apartment today, Its huge, I love it but already missing home and counting down the days till my bests come and visit me but every thing's all new and exciting :)
I cant wait for Christopher Kane for Topshop collection, Its Huge with 39 pieces including shoes and bags i already have my eye on a gorgeous nude chiffon dress edged with studs and those thigh high boots, with all prices ranging from £40 to £160 i think its defiantly going to be worth my £500 overdraft and with so much too choose from its going to be easy to spend but hard to choose which items!

Melissa Coker’s has hired Alexa Chung and her Best Friend Tennessee Williams (Lead singer from the Like, If you knew is a Favourite ♥) to become the face of her Autumn range of her fashion line 'Wren' named after a Jenny Wren from Charles Dickens her range offers up right-on-trend woollen checks, slouchy blazers, easy mini-skirts that shimmer, the coolest of party dresses and hot pink silks. The label has developed a cult status with celebrity followers such as Kiera Knightly and Katie Holmes and became one of fashion insiders secrets but now especially with the help of Alexa looks as if its only going to get bigger!

Happy Sundays!

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