Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Silver magpie

For the past however many months Ive started to really collect silver jewellery, especially rings and am currently sporting a different one on nearly every finger each with sentimental value and two of which Ive never taken off since i was 13. I seem to have got ridden of all my gold for some reason and just steer all towards silver, it just seems to look nicer. For a while i loved clashing silver and gold jewellery together especially when i used to wear arm fulls of bangles but wouldn't ever do that now, even though Ive seen some amazing examples of when that really works. Instead of the huge costume jewellery i used to wear i am now drawn to delicate silver swirls, precious stones and thin engraved bangles. Instead of coloured stones adorned with many charms i prefer a long silver chain with one simple silver charm sweeping my tummy button. I have no idea why Ive left my huge bangles, gold charmed earrings and ethnic necklaces, maybe in summer i will rejoice in them again but for now I'm shunning Topshop 'freedom' costume jewellery i used to buy in bulk and instead shimmering delicate silver and i cant help but compile a MUST HAVE list from these very expensive but very worth it jewellery designers. Amazing.

Erickson Beamon.
Although not as delicate as the pieces I'm wearing at the moment, wouldn't this look amazing against a nude chiffon dress and bare legs. Love layered chains.

Aurelie Bidermann.
This having a price tag of nearly £2000 i don't think i can expect anything this beautiful too soon, but isn't it such a gorgeous piece, i am on the look out for a more purse friendly version :)

Delfina Delettrez
I absolutely love this jewellery designer, the creations are so unique. I am saving saving saving for the 'love' ring. He also does different engravings of 'marry me' 'peace' and 'kiss me'. How beautiful the way it closes.

More Delfina Delettrez...

With this gorgeous ring you also get a lovely nail varnish in winters must have dark navy, i just love that idea.

Iosselliani ring.
Hope every ones having a lovely start to 2010 and the snows not ruining anyones fun!


daisy kate said...

is this the article you were on about? I posted mine yesterday, but I thought you'd given up on this blog so haven't read it for ages, sorry! I love the love ring, howwww cute? Where did you find them! Also as if you never told me you got published xxxxxxxx

french kissing said...

Yes, thats soooo wierd i posted this yesterday morning :o i went on your blog to leave you lovely comments and saw you had done a jewlerry blog aswell!! Twin thing! I had given up as uni work was so too much but I HAVE TO KEEP IT IP, ive made a promise!!
I did get published :) It was the best day, ive got a copy at home for my portfolio, they sent me it even though its an interent magazine, how sweet!!
love you xxxxxxx

oh and i just always look up jewellery designers, there underated by far! i got the images of an amazing new website thats like net-a-porter but just has dead edgy designers, i will send you the link in a fb message!! xxxx

daisy kate said...

send me the link instantly! I adore those rings and just want that one that comes with the nail varnish. I love silver jewellery but I kind of love the tackiness of loads of gold? Aww photo copy the published piece and put it on your blog! definately :) That german magazine published me and quoted 4 of my blog posts but never sent me anything, well jealousss xxxxxxxxxxx