Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Teenie trends.

So due to being snowed in again and being curled up with lempsip watching annoying daytime television i thought i would conclude my last blog with trends I'd love to see follow through to our 'Teenies'.

Underwear as Outerwear.
Yes this can be a complete disaster if not done properly but i just love pretty floral bralets paired with a bodycon skirt for a perfect evening look and chiffon wrap dresses with a vampy lace body hinting through for daytime, this trend really can work and be ever so flattering.

My favourites so far have definitely been from Topshop.
Is it a hood? an endless scarf? I just love snood's.
They look effortlessly chic thrown on with everything from your basic American Apparel white t-shirt and leggings to dresses and trenchcoats. H&M have done super cheap but very lovely versions and French Connection and Allsaints have done more expensive but very worth it versions too. They've been ALL over the catwalks and definitely should be all over you too.
I love chunky knit versions this Banana Republic one £80 is near perfect.

Nude's and Florals.
My daily wardrobe staples. I know i could probably be accused of being in a style rut with my absolute adoration for everything Nude and chiffon but i just cant help it and with a wardrobe that's literally bursting with chiffon florals, nude dresses and wispy fabrics, i don't think this is going to change anytime soon, its just so romantic.

What outfit doesn't a black blazer work with? Instantly slimming and complements just about anything from Harem pants to oversized t-shirts and lends an edge to florals and evening dresses. There's so many different styles to play with, 'boyfriend' fit, 'slim' fit then there's shoulder definition, the buttons, the material so many choices. Then Trophy blazers were thrown to us by Balmain and now replica's all over the highstreet ones covered in thousands of sequins and some too heavy to hang on hangers.

Love blazer dresses at the moment.
Patterned tights.
Makes any plain outfit the height of interesting, gorgeous with huge heels and with so many different patterns to pick from its no longer 'child-like' to embrace patterned tights (however coloured tights is still a huge NO.) instead its oh so very chic and fun.
Such an inexpensive way to make an outfit stand out.

At the moment i still love my Celia Birtwell ones with flowers running along the back seam and Topshop love heart ones, i also have my eye on these for the New Year.

That's my top 5, i want to stay trends, i could go on and on but what are you going to carry on wearing throughout 2010?

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Natalie said...

great post! love everything so much :)