Friday, 9 April 2010


Dear John is definitely one of my all time favourite books and the fact its been made into a film with Channing Tatum who is one of my husbands and Savannah being played by Amanda Seyfried has made me strangely obsessed. Ive watched the trailer and re-watched the extended trailer a million times, made my friends watch it and been disappointed if by the end there not in tears and I've googled photos and interviews with Amanda ALOT. This has never happened to me before especially with a film. I just need April 14th to hurry up and for Amanda to give me her perfect face, boobs, hair, i couldn't be more jealous of that center parting and let me kiss Channing, stop being so greedy.

She has 'Minge' tattooed on her foot. This definitely makes up for being in Mean Girls and annoying me in Mamma Mia.

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