Sunday, 15 November 2009


My ideal wardrobe colour palette.
I really REALLY need to stop spending but...

The weathers getting colder and colder each day, i now have some over the knee boots and a 'snood' which are both very snugly but I've been deciding on what style coat i would like, i never have much luck with coats as I'm so fussy and must of tried on hundreds already but this year i have fallen in love with the idea of a cape instead to go over all my dresses, with a broach at the top and cream knitted gloves up to my elbows...Yum!
The hunt begins...
Hope everyones had lovely Sunday's.

1 comment:

MiMi said...

theres a gorjuuuzzz cape in zara! im dying for it but its £80 its gorjuz!!! absolutly beautiful!!!